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Collaborating Artist - Branden Thornhill- Miller DPhil, Vice President Omni Art Design LLC

Assisting Dianna in many projects at Omni Art Design is Dr.Branden Thornhill-Miller. He is a member of the Faculty of Psychological Studies in the Department of Experimental Psychology and Lecturer and Director of Studies for Psychology and Philosophy at Hertford College, the University of Oxford, England.  His research and teaching interests include creativity and other individual differences (e.g. personality, psychosis-proneness, culture, and gender), the psychology of religion (especially mystical experience and fundamentalism), dreams, psychometric tests, test construction, and aspects of social, political and economic psychology.  He came to Oxford as a Harvard Knox Fellow and is particularly interested in the interface of psychology with other disciplines.  As complements to his experimental research, he also teaches and supervises dissertations in other areas such as religious studies and human sciences.

Although Branden will be turning his attention from teaching and art to focus on research by the end of 2013, he may occasionally still be available in the future for selected projects and creativity consultancy.

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