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About New Bloom


New Bloom: A Symbolic Public Sculpture

Artist: Dianna Thornhill-Miller and Omni Art Design



New Bloom symblizes the flowering of ceativity and our continuing commitment to the arts. It represents dynamic growth, health, and beuty, and it aims to inspire forward thinking, imagination, an innovation.

New Bloom is offered as a symbol for our civic identify and for the cultural renaissance blossoming in our community. It will remain a lasting legacy of our time, because today, in Fort Wayne...

We're Blooming!



·         Image: Giant stylized flower (an Iris) with free-standing leaves that strikingly changes color with reflected light

·         Material: Stainless steel with rotating color lighting loop (LED source)

·         Dimensions: 24 foot high flower with an 8 foot wide petal span




New Bloom Marquette Slide Show


 Artist Statement

Since the beginning of civilization, monumental art has always declared the civic and cultural importance of a place.  It has provided a sense if community, of identity, and values for all to aspire to.  A significant public space without meaningful symbols is a lost opportunity for community building and education.

Providing a central focal point, visible throughout the square and from the street, the New Bloom  icon gives Harrison Square and Parkview Field identity and meaning.  It physically reminds us of dynamic growth, health, beauty and of our highest, most forward-looking ideals. It symbolizes the flowering of artful innovation and the renaissance and blossoming of our community.  New Bloom also celebrates the creativity of children, who are our collective cultural future.

·         Aesthetically: New Bloom creates a visual focal point of beauty and artistic merit.

  • Historically: New Bloom references the past of a city that has valued beauty in the shared environment and erected monuments to recognize important moments in its development.
  • Technologically: New Bloom represents a city that embraces the future through design execution in modern-day materials, engineering, and technology.
  • Metaphorically: New Bloom symbolizes the community’s creative spirit, its values and its “becoming”—grounded in strength, flowering in a dynamic and vital way.

For more information go to New Bloom Home.



New Bloom is an appropriate and important icon for Fort Wayne today because,

We’re Blooming!”                                                       



New Bloom Home

(C) 2012 by Omni Art Design in Fort Wayne, All Rights Reserved.



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