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  • FOX ISLAND, Allen County Lodge Park, 8' W width:640;;height:242
  • COUNTRY SIDE, Private Residence width:640;;height:449
  • DIVERSITY, UNITY, COMMUNITY, City-County Building, Ft. Wayne 4' H x 17' W width:640;;height:271
  • REGATTA, Private Residence width:640;;height:391
  • LILY OF THE NILE, Neuroscience Ceneter width:640;;height:454
  • HOME TOWN, National City Bank, 3' H x 8' W width:640;;height:240
  • GRAPHIS I and GRAPHIS II,  Lincoln National Life width:640;;height:452
  • CHICAGO BUILDS, GKST, Sears Tower width:640;;height:460
  • LAGUNA, Private Residence width:640;;height:457
  • WORLD RELIGIONS, Unitarian Universalist Congregration of Ft. Wayne width:640;;height:426
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